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Vigilance, when making online hotel reservation – just like patience – is a virtue and has its own rewards.

How would you react to an online hotel reservation gone wrong that could cause you to wait in the lobby of a hotel, later into the office of the manager, anxiously pass the time for any favorable developments, otherwise you would have no other option but to hail a taxicab that would transport you to yet another hotel? Worse, this could happen to you overseas – 45,000 miles away from home!

Jimmy Craig, a young Computer Engineer from Minnesota, was a frequent flyer and about 80% of his travel arrangements were done online. His job was, without doubt, financially rewarding as his salary and the perks that went with it were the highest in the industry, but his frequent travels, away from his young family were just too much to bear. Worse, not only once, but twice, Jimmy found himself in precarious situations because of his travels. At least one of these misadventures was due to an erroneous online hotel reservation.

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